Market Highlights in Charts 9.25.17

1. Looks like U.S. Housing is running into another headwind... affordability

Market Highlights in Charts 9.20.17


Market Highlights in Charts 9.18.17

1. Not only have we had low volatility, we have had historically low drawdowns for years.  See our paper on getting SKEWERED! 

Can Active Investing Make a Comeback?

Much has been made on the “death of active investing” due to the investor’s increasing preference for low-cost index funds, made more accessible through the proliferation of ETFs. As the charts...

Market Highlights in Charts 9.14.17

1. One man's opinion...

Market Highlights in Charts 9.13.17

1. We agree with the headline, but every city we visit is booming with construction cranes. Residential housing construction needs to pick up...

Market Highlights in Charts 9.12.17

1. My Peter Lynch metric continues...a tour boat captain in Chicago said they have 47 construction cranes in the city. Last quarter's GDP was increased from 2.6% to 3%.

Is Low Volatility about to get SKEWered?

Let’s first review the definition of the SKEW index.


The CBOE Skew Index- referred as “SKEW”- is an option-based indicator that measures the perceived tail risk of the distribution of S&P 500®...

Slow U.S. Economic Growth Explained in 1 Simple Chart

Our economy is cyclical and often it acts like a pendulum that swings too far. And it did. In the lead-up to the financial crisis in 2007-2009, U.S. Housing completions peaked at just over a 2.2...

The Max Drawdown: Too Quiet?

Given the S&P 500’s relatively smooth trajectory upwards since the start the year, we thought it would be useful to do some investigating into how common this market movement is.