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Bonus Friday! Market Highlights in Charts 4.20.18

By:BCM Investment Team | Date:Apr20, 2018 | Category: Equity, Economics, Market Highlights, Fireside Charts

The U.S. stands alone as the only advanced economy to expect an increase in the debt to GDP ratio in the next five years. Crude oil may go back to $100 per barrel as cigarettes experience their worst day in a decade. Plus more perspective on the budget deficit and global economic growth. 


1. This is alarming...


u.s. debt to gdp ratio

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/17/18



2. The FED also has to grapple with this:

budget deficit

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/17/18



3. Some good news if the IMF is accurate...

IMF continues to upgrade its economic growth forecast

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/20/18



4. What is driving interest rate increases? This time it looks to be the prices of raw materials.


global commodity prices on rise

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/19/18



5. Rising material prices are at least partially being passed through to consumers.

rising material prices

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/20/18



6. Of course... Not only will they make untold billions, don't forget the ARAMCO IPO is in the wings.

crude oil as high as 100

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/18/18



7. The best news, from a global health standpoint, in a long time.


philip morris stock

 Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/20/18


8. Have sales of cellphones paused or peaked?

global sales of pcs and smartphones

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 4/19/18



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