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Fireside Charts 7.27.18 - Bonus Friday!

By:BCM Investment Team | Date:Jul27, 2018 | Category: Equity, Economics, Market Highlights, Fireside Charts

Happy Friday followers! In today's edition of our Bonus Friday chart-blog, U.S. home sales have dipped, but the upward channel trend does not seem to be ending anytime soon. A view of year-to-date GDP growth shows us just how much growth came from the fiscal stimulus. Chinese investment in U.S. properties have dramatically slowed after a multi-year acquisition binge. Other than Turkey and Venezuela, EM assets have stabilized. Lastly, make sure you are caught up on yesterday's post on Tech Sector Dominance.


1. Yes, U.S. home sales are slowing, but still in a healthy long-term uptrend.


new one family homes sold

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/25/18



2. Enjoy it while it lasts...paybacks can be a b!+@#. 


wile e coyote's cliff

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/24/18



3. There are many ways to "fight" a trade war...


 chinas property investments

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/26/18



4. or this...


 activities of majority owned foreign affiliates of us and chinese multinational enterprises (2015)

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/26/18



5. As we have written about before, this is one way to close the U.S.-Chinese trade deficit. Of course it means other oil producing countries trade balance will suffer...


7.27 chart 5

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/26/18



6. Another "back-fire" caused by tariffs. 


7.27 chart 6

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/25/18



7. For those who think tariffs are having no effect on the global economy...


7.27 chart 7

Source: WSJ Daily Shot,  As of 7/26/18



8. With a few exceptions like Turkey and Venezuela, EM currencies appear to be stabilizing for now...

7.27 chart 4

Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 7/25/18



9. Is the Bank of Japan, the last major Central Bank still increasing QE, getting ready to ease up?


 7.27 chart 9

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, As of 7/24/18


Is the tech sector truly invincible? Even after Facebook's stock meltdown after its earnings report? BCM Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner takes a step back to address these concerns with more historical context back to the Dotcom Bubble in Tech Sector Dominance: Is there an End in Sight? for the BCM Blog. 


 Tech Sector Dominance:  Is there an End in Sight?



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