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The Market Feels Toppy?

February 24, 2017

The markets are off to a roaring start in 2017, up nearly six percent through the close on February 21. With the market up almost two percent in January and four percent in February, it is likely the market will start the year with two consecutive positive return months. Should this happen, history indicates we may witness a strong year for the markets. As the CFRA Research chart shows there have been 27 instances of two consecutive months’ positive ...

Emotions should have no place in investing…

February 3, 2017

…But they do! The investment industry often fails to remember that people invest their money to grow and that their investments become an extension of their ability to improve, or harm, their futures. While growth is paramount, avoiding devastating losses is just as critical.

The Velocity of Money and Where It’s Headed

February 2, 2017

Since 2009, trillions of dollars of global monetary stimulus (central bank activity) has had a marginal effect on the global velocity of money. Today, it looks like only the promise of U.S. fiscal stimulus in the form of tax breaks and infrastructure spending has had the same...or better effect. Velocity refers to how often the money supply is turned over. English? When a dollar is earned, how many times is it spent in a year. Velocity is an indicator of economic activity and is an important component of measuring ...