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A Bird's Eye View Blog

Market Highlights in Charts 10.30.17

1. Is the record bond issuance telling us rates will be higher in the near future?

Market Highlights in Charts 10.25.17

1. The steepness of the growth slope is worrisome. Parabola up, parabola down!

Market Highlights in Charts 10.23.17

1. Inflation is alive and well for the prices of U.S. Housing.

Longest Bulls Since WW2

We are currently enjoying the second longest bull market in history.  The chart below gives us a great historical perspective as to how all the secular bull markets since World War II have looked....

Market Highlights in Charts 10.18.17

1. 3.1 million U.S. homes still have negative equity...

Market Highlights in Charts 10.16.17

1. Is this an ominous sign?

More on Bonds This Week: Emerging Markets and High Yield

We recently shared several charts showing that U.S. High Yield bond yields are at the low end of their historical range and thus their prices are at the top of their historical range.  Yes, both...

Market Highlights in Charts 10.11.17

1. U.S. IPO issuance is less than 1/4 what it was 10 years ago and 20 years ago.

Market Highlights in Charts 10.9.17

1. This is almost surreal...We have to import heavy, sour crude because are refineries are set up to process this type of oil.  Yet the light, sweet crude found in the shale deposits is being...

Market Highlights in Charts 10.4.17

1. Since the trough in the markets in 2009, the only significant corrections were preceded by Mutual fund and ETF outflows.  The net outflows over the past 6 months has been about $60 billion.

Market Highlights in Charts 10.2.17

1. But this should dramatically increase in the months ahead as they rebuild...