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A Bird's Eye View Blog

Market Highlights in Charts 11.29.17

1. How "junkie" can junk bonds get?Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 11/27/17

Market Highlights in Charts 11.27.17

1. Nascent wage inflation?Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 11/27/172. As the USD weakens...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is our country's oldest holiday tradition. We at BCM want to thank you for your ongoing support this year and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Every single year, we are inundated with...

Market Highlights in Charts 11.20.17

1. While the housing numbers continue to show improvement, due to the depth of the "Great Recession", we have only recovered to the trough of past housing recessions...

Market Highlights in Charts 11.17.17 - Bonus Friday!

1. While most U.S. cities appear to be booming, the Fed models' GDP forecasts are moderating.Source: WSJ Daily Shot; As of 11/16/172. With kids in college we have a very hard time believing this...

Market Highlights in Charts 11.15.17

1. At least one major economy is seeing bond interest rates "normalize".  Will the rest of the world follow?

Market Highlights in Charts 11.13.17

1. The yield curve continues to flatten...

Policy Mistakes and their Economic Consequences:          Now the Fed is Tapering QE... What could possibly go wrong?

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s (Fed) policy mistakes(tightening too far and/or too fast) have had a hand in every recession since WWII. The last time the Fed raised rates in 2004-2006, they...

Market Highlights in Charts 11.8.17

1. According to PowerShares, ETF flows are reversing their multi-year trend and slowing down in 2017 (increasing at a decreasing rate).

Market Highlights in Charts 11.6.17

1. Is wage inflation coming soon? 

Market Highlights in Charts 11.3.17 - Bonus Friday!

1. A great historical perspective on the FED's balance sheet as a percentage of the GDP since 1914.

Don’t Always Believe What You Read

Pundits have spoken at length about how so much of the recovery of the financial markets has been based on aspects other than earnings, such as multiple expansion and buybacks. That does not tell...

Market Highlights in Charts 11.1.17

1. A precursor for higher Chinese inflation?