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A Bird's Eye View Blog
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Fireside Charts 7.30.18

July 30, 2018

Velocity of M2 money supply is back into positive territory while Q2 GDP reports came out strong. If you are looking for a deeper dive, we offer a breakdown by component. Copper did make a sharp negative break last week. Finally, China continues to dominate the global consumption of industrial and precious metals. 

Fireside Charts 7.27.18 - Bonus Friday!

July 27, 2018

Happy Friday followers! In today's edition of our Bonus Friday chart-blog, U.S. home sales have dipped, but the upward channel trend does not seem to be ending anytime soon. A view of year-to-date GDP growth shows us just how much growth came from the fiscal stimulus. Chinese investment in U.S. properties have dramatically slowed after a multi-year acquisition binge. Other than Turkey and Venezuela, EM assets have stabilized. Lastly, make sure you are caught up on yesterday's post on

Tech Sector Dominance: Is there an End in Sight?

July 26, 2018

I am sitting here at my desk on another nice sunny July day. With the weekend fast approaching, motivation can be difficult to come by. I’m sure many, specifically in the financial industry, can relate. I’ve always found that the best way to keep myself motivated is to have a little fun so I decided to switch things up from the normal chart blog today. While scrolling through chartsone in particular caught my eye. As the old saying goes ...

Fireside Charts 7.25.18

July 25, 2018

Today's Fireside Charts kicks off with a comparative view of the recovery pace of recessions in our country. Another chart confirms we haven't seen this level of labor market tightness and strong demand conditions since the late 1990s (right before the recession). German manufacturing activity unexpectedly bounced from recent lows as France stabilized. Lastly, U.S. farmers are getting crushed as Trump announces aid.

Fireside Charts 7.23.18

July 23, 2018

Junk bonds are proving to be an oasis. The Chinese yuan, however, plunges again. More outlooks on housing completions and the USD are also included. The increase in real short-term rates suggests that the economy is in the late phase of the cycle. Lastly, we show how the steel and aluminum tariffs are expected to impact US jobs.

Investing and Basketball: What You Can Learn from the World's Greatest Coach

July 19, 2018

When times get rough, emotions run high. Babe Ruth goes into a slump. Tom Brady gets intercepted…twice in one game!  Bill Russell goes 1-12 in foul shots. Even the best have bad games. Some have bad seasons. There could be a lingering injury, maybe the ball was tipped, maybe the team needs some rebuilding, or perhaps circumstances just turned out that way. Not everything is under our control. Great coaches recognize this, and have patience and faith in their players. Red Auerbach, the hall of fame coach who spent the majority of his career with ...

Fireside Charts 7.18.18

July 18, 2018

Manufacturing activity continues on its upward trend in the United States. The S&P 500® Index beat analyst expectations for Q2. Lets hope we see the same next quarter! Emerging market equities are trading at their biggest discount to U.S. stocks in 16 years. Lastly, losses from cyber-attacks from hackers on crypto exchanges are staggering. 

Fireside Charts 7.16.18

July 16, 2018

Junk yields are staying relatively calm here in the U.S. as opposed to our Chinese counterparts. QE reversal from the Federal Reserve is in process yet moving at a slow pace as seen in the weekly total assets of the FED. A chart dating back to 1914 shows us a long-term view of the purchasing power of the consumer dollar and we give a look at how the government's annual budget deficits translate over time. Ever wonder where US stocks are traded? We have your answer.

Fireside Charts 7.13.18 - Bonus Friday!

July 13, 2018

Happy Bonus Friday! Today's charts show the correlation between inflation and energy prices, which is becoming increasingly harder to ignore. The $200 billion of new tariffs will drive inflation higher and affect prices across numerous agricultural, consumer, and business products. It's been a tough year for EM stocks and we must to take caution that  a stronger dollar will continue to hurt EM economies. Lastly, the ...

Fireside Charts 7.11.18

July 11, 2018
A chart on Brexit kicks off today's post. Will a "soft Brexit" unleash all the excess corporate cash? In Asia, junk bond yields continue to climb and we provide a look at China's trade surplus with the United States. We have said it before and will say it again: tariffs do not work! Copper fell 3.6% in one day after the $200 billion tariff announcement. To wrap-up, we explore  advisors' top influences while investing. 

BCM 2Q 18 Market Commentary

July 10, 2018

My son Jamie was recently hiking in New Hampshire’s Presidential Range. Upon return, he remarked how beautiful and enjoyable the hike was, but he also voiced frustration. He noted that it was frustrating to look ahead and summon the strength to reach the apparent summit through all the ups and downs, only to realize there was another peak not too far ahead. To quote Jamie directly: “You never know when you have actually reached the peak”. Welcome to investing!

Fireside Charts 7.9.18

July 9, 2018
US employment is the strongest we have seen but with US- China tensions high, trade war risks continue to mount. We share a great recap chart of GDP growth in the Eurozone alongside other select countries. Plus,  industrial production out of Europe ticked to the upside, a chart on the S&P 500® Weekly since post-recession times gives us perspective in this record-long bull and a YTD look at small-caps leading the way. 

Fireside Charts 7.6.18 - Bonus Friday!

July 6, 2018
Today's holiday Bonus Friday begins with a chart on the relationship between the price of oil and our driving behavior. Several charts on the impact of the impending trade war, including soybeans and, wait for it...lobsters! Also, a look a global "bad loan ratios" and international trade. 

Fireside Charts 7.3.18

July 3, 2018

In lieu of posting on the July 4th holiday, we bring you a Tuesday edition of Fireside Charts. In today's post, anticipate some welcome news: the last quarter's manufacturing PMI shows the U.S. economy widening its lead over the rest of the world. The same cannot be said for Europe and China. The Chinese yuan continues to fall, spooking the markets and drawing comparisons to its late 2015 drawdown. Lastly, the power of compounding is uncovered with an update on factors.

Fireside Charts 7.2.18

July 2, 2018

An update on consumer inflation shows the PCE (personal consumption expenditure) inflation was higher than expected. Canada strikes back at the U.S. by implementing tariffs on $13 billion worth of U.S. products. Finally, more updates on the S&P 500® Weekly, U.S. Dollar, and eight EM currencies wrap up today's post.