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Fireside Charts: Equities Tick Up, the Cost of Stimulus, and COVID-19 Trends

June 15, 2020
Risk-off sentiment seemed to have returned last week following both the market's worst day of trading in months and a warning from the ...

Fireside Charts: Deflated Inflation, Record-High Corporate Debt, and Near-Zero Rates Are Here to Stay

June 12, 2020
U.S. CPI fell for the third straight month to near-zero in May and Core CPI didn't fare much better. According to the OECD, inflation ...

Fireside Charts: Reexamining the Jobs Report, Reopening Trends, and Risky Investments

June 10, 2020
Economists (and the markets) were riding high off of Friday's shining beacon of a jobs report, but some of that shine has rubbed off ...

Fireside Charts: May Employment Gains, Optimistic Equities, and Rising Interest Rates

June 8, 2020
Were you prepared for Friday's shocker of a job's report? It's been a while since we've seen some truly good news on employment, so we ...

Fireside Charts: Overvalued Equities, Dismal Bond Yields, and a Crude Oil Check in

June 5, 2020
While growth in corporate profits and earnings have stalled in the past few years, equity gains have continued on largely unimpeded, ...

Fireside Charts: Manufacturing Momentum, Growing Debt Levels, and a COVID-19 Check In

June 3, 2020
The ISM Manufacturing PMI report showed a modest improvement last month, narrowly beating analyst expectations and (hopefully) ...

Fireside Charts: Recovery Continues for Equities & Regional PMIs, And Who's Buying All That Government Debt?

June 1, 2020
Five months in to an unprecedented year for the markets and U.S. equities have staged a furious rebound from their March troughs. ...

Fireside Charts: Unemployment Trends as States Reopen and Emerging Risks to Banks in the Coronavirus Era

May 29, 2020
Nearly two million more Americans found themselves out of a job and applying for unemployment last week in the coronavirus-era trend ...

Fireside Charts: Reopenings Spark Hope in the Markets, Corporate Debt Looms, and Conflict with China Reignites

May 27, 2020
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rang the bell to mark the reopening of the NYSE yesterday and the markets were quickly off to the ...

Fireside Charts: P/E Ratios Reach New Highs and Emerging Markets May Present Opportunities

May 20, 2020
While we've seen a partial recovery in the equity markets, volatility remains with over a quarter of the trading days so far in 2020 ...