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Fireside Charts: Unprecedented Unemployment, Reshaped Industries, and a Look Ahead at EPS

April 3, 2020
An unprecedented wave of unemployment is crossing the U.S. and small businesses are being hit particularly hard. Plummeting retail and ...

Mutual Funds in Taxable Accounts: Despite Losses, You May Incur Sizable Capital Gains Tax

April 2, 2020
As investors and advisors alike look to realign/re-balance their portfolios this year, we wanted to provide a reminder about how mutual funds are taxed. Like any investment, if you buy a mutual fund, own it for more than one year, and sell it at a profit, you must pay federal (and for most states) capital gains tax on your gain. If you own the position for less than one year, you will have to pay ordinary income tax on your gain. Yet many do not realize that if you keep owning a mutual fund (you don’t sell it), there may ...

Fireside Charts: Evaluating the Rebound, 1929 Comparisons, and a Look at Manufacturing

April 1, 2020
And that's a wrap on Q1. As we close out a quarter for the history books, let's hope there are better days ahead in Q2. The recent ...

A Word of Caution on Fixed Income in the Current Market Environment

March 26, 2020
Investors of balanced strategic portfolios as well as effective tactical portfolios are now well aware of the benefits of reduced risk during times of market duress. While volatile markets may encourage investors to seek the historical “safe havens” of fixed income and lower risk investments, an unfortunately timed rebalance or re-allocation towards fixed income can be particularly risky in today’s environment.

Fireside Charts: Plummeting Employment, Stimulus Packages, and China's Budding Recovery

March 26, 2020
There’s been a lot of talk about recession lately, and the sharp drop in global staffing will certainly factor into the equation. ...

Fireside Charts: Resistance Levels, the Calming Bond Markets, and Struggling Small Businesses

March 23, 2020
As stocks come off their worst week since 2008, Washington's failure to produce a stimulus package and the spread of increasingly ...

Special Update From BCM Portfolio Manager: Coronavirus and Current Market Conditions

March 20, 2020
The emergence of COVID-19 and its rapid spread have sparked an exceptional market meltdown and a fundamental restructuring of our ...

Fireside Charts: 1+ Years of Gains Erased, Jobless Claims Surge, Yield Curves Normalize

March 20, 2020
Stocks may have had a relatively stable day yesterday (by recent standards, anyway...) but a look back at history shows that we've so ...