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Our Take on Volatility: When You Are More Likely to Realize Good Investment Outcomes

May 30, 2019

What is volatility? From a purely technical standpoint,

Investment Losses in Terms of Percentage, Time and Dollars

April 18, 2019

What is risk? How do you measure it? 

Who's Who in Economics and Finance

April 11, 2019

Who defines the world of finance and economics

Factor Investing in the 2019 Landscape

April 4, 2019

Factor investing has become one of the fastest growing investment approaches in asset management, experiencing 11% organic asset growth per year since 20111. However, factor investing is certainly not new, and while the factor investing landscape may be evolving and gaining popularity, asset managers have been using this approach for over half a century. Here is a quick refresher on the most popular factors and their key characteristics:

Financial Literacy Month Glossary of Financial Terms: Educate and Empower

April 1, 2019

Today is April 1, which marks the beginning of Financial Literacy Month!

BCM Financial Literacy Collection

April 26, 2018

As Financial Literacy Month comes to an end, we thought it would be helpful to combine all of our dedicated posts to the topic in one place. Plus, as an addition to our 2018 financial literacy topics, we included last year's highlights on topics such as leasing versus buying a car and compound interest. Thank you for following our features all month-long. As always, continue to follow us ...

Why Own an Umbrella When It's Sunny Every Day?

April 19, 2018

Why would you buy an umbrella when it’s been sunny every day? Let’s not forget the original use for an umbrella was actually as a sunshade, not for rain, but I digress. Seriously, why would you keep an umbrella in your car, at home or in a golf bag? To state the obvious, it’s one thing to get caught in a light shower, but quite another when a squall line or worse moves in. You don’t want to get soaked!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: What No One Tells You About Debt

April 12, 2018

The average age Americans learn how to balance a checkbook is 28¹. Age 28! If Americans are not taught about basic finance in high school or college, then how can they possibly be ready to evaluate what debt is necessary, budget for it, and have a plan to pay it off without impairing and impeding their financial future? If we don’t educate our clients and their children about the benefits and pitfalls with debt, then we are failing them.

Investment Acronyms: Say What?! CNBC Slang Finally Decoded

April 10, 2018

Popular sites such as Investopedia and The Financial Dictionary have over 1,885 financial acronyms housed in their shared glossaries. I would challenge you to find anyone — let alone a typical investor  list-off and define the most fundamental acronyms common to our industry.


In honor of April being Financial Literacy Month, we have compiled a guide to the terms you should know that we here at Beaumont Capital Management (BCM) use and converse in everyday ...

Glossary of Financial Terms

April 3, 2018

April is Financial Literacy Month and for good reason. A lack of financial preparedness has huge individual and societal costs, especially as our country ages into retirement. Regardless if it is April or not, we at BCM know how valuable your financial well-being is and the importance of "starting early" to attain it. If you have not felt secure with your personal situation and hope to achieve financial literacy and understanding for yourself or your clients, look out for our ...