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Fireside Charts: Unprecedented Unemployment, Reshaped Industries, and a Look Ahead at EPS

April 3, 2020
An unprecedented wave of unemployment is crossing the U.S. and small businesses are being hit particularly hard. Plummeting retail and ...

Fireside Charts: Evaluating the Rebound, 1929 Comparisons, and a Look at Manufacturing

April 1, 2020
And that's a wrap on Q1. As we close out a quarter for the history books, let's hope there are better days ahead in Q2. The recent ...

Fireside Charts: Plummeting Employment, Stimulus Packages, and China's Budding Recovery

March 26, 2020
There’s been a lot of talk about recession lately, and the sharp drop in global staffing will certainly factor into the equation. ...

Fireside Charts: Resistance Levels, the Calming Bond Markets, and Struggling Small Businesses

March 23, 2020
As stocks come off their worst week since 2008, Washington's failure to produce a stimulus package and the spread of increasingly ...

Special Update From BCM Portfolio Manager: Coronavirus and Current Market Conditions

March 20, 2020
The emergence of COVID-19 and its rapid spread have sparked an exceptional market meltdown and a fundamental restructuring of our ...

Fireside Charts: 1+ Years of Gains Erased, Jobless Claims Surge, Yield Curves Normalize

March 20, 2020
Stocks may have had a relatively stable day yesterday (by recent standards, anyway...) but a look back at history shows that we've so ...

Fireside Charts: VIX Hits Record High, Easing Accelerates, and the Oil Price War Continues

March 18, 2020
Market swings are still coming at a breakneck pace as investor fear drives the VIX to record highs. Markets were slightly higher ...