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Using Total Return to Meet Your Clients' Withdrawal Needs

May 21, 2020
We originally posted this piece back in 2016 when the 10-year U.S. Treasury (UST) yield was ~1.9%. At that time, most were predicting a rise in interest rates and it would have been hard to imagine that four years later, the 10-year UST would be ~0.65%—especially given where interest rates had been for the preceding decades. Now, the Total Return concept is even more relevant today with interest rates at record lows and no one knows how long they will remain at this level, or where they may go from ...

Finding Total Return in an Ultra-low Interest Rate Environment

September 5, 2019
Your clients need to withdraw 4-5% a year, but interest rates are setting record lows. Here’s what you can do to help get them there.