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The Players Behind a 401(k) Plan

May 24, 2018

Building and maintaining 401(k) plans require a comprehensive array of administrative and investment professionals. They are subject to many rules and regulations from not just the DOL, but from the SEC, and now possibly FINRA too. Do you know the specific roles and duties of the "players" involved in a 401(k) plan? Many advisors, plan sponsors, let alone plan participants, do not. 

The Pulse on the Defined Contribution World

May 17, 2018

The 2018 Annual DC Pulse Survey (by Blackrock and Market Strategies International) findings are in. In an effort to align the concerns and needs of plan sponsors and participants alike, we have compiled some of the findings that we think need immediate attention from our industry in this infographic. 

Are You Walking Into a TDF Trap?

February 27, 2018

Few investment products currently garner more attention than target date funds. Launched 30 years ago, TDFs are the most common qualified default investment alternative used in 401(k)s today, and they claim a sizable portion of the average investor's retirement portfolio.

Four Tips from the DOL on Selecting Target Date Funds

February 6, 2018

As target date funds continue to expand in usage and popularity, we wanted to point out four things you might have missed in the 2013 Target Date Retirement Funds DOL memo, which also address what exactly the DOL wants out of a QDIA.  

Which Investor Are You? Tips for Savings Success

April 6, 2017

Assuming contribution dollars and frequency are the same, which investor will have more at retirement given no market exposure? Investor A who starts contributing at age 22 but stops contributing at age 32? Or Investor B who waits until age 32 to begin contributing each year, and does not stop contributing until they retire at age 65? Review our second post during Financial Literacy month that discusses the best tips for ...