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Fireside Charts: Farm Bankruptcies Hit 8-Year High, Coronavirus Confusion, and Slowing Growth

February 14, 2020
Happy Valentine's Day, Fireside Charts readers! If your wallet's feeling a little light this week, you aren't alone; U.S. farm ...

Fireside Charts: U.S. Job Openings Drop 14% YoY, The Big Get Bigger, and the Velocity of Money Hits Six+ Decade Low

February 12, 2020
The number of U.S. job openings fell short of expectations to hit a two-year low in December, reigniting fears of a softening economy. ...

Fireside Charts: Energy Sector Weakness, MBS Yields Hit ~4-Year Low, And Coronavirus Transmission Finally Slows

February 10, 2020
While the S&P 500 is as "energized" as ever, the energy sector itself has been struggling; it was the worst performer in 2019 and ...

Fireside Charts: Cyclical Markets, Reevaluating 'Investment Grade' Debt, and an Update on China

February 7, 2020
It's no secret that the S&P 500 has dominated in the past ten years, rising over 375% between 3/9/09 and 12/31/19 and ...

Fireside Charts: Market Movement, Regional Activity Updates, and a Look at EM Manufacturing

February 3, 2020
Friday was a dark day in the markets that saw the Dow and the S&P wipe out their gains for the year. Utilities have surged as ...

Fireside Charts: Continued Coronavirus Fallout, Some Perspective on U.S. GDP, and a Look at the Eurozone

January 31, 2020
While the eastern U.S. and even Germany look to have (finally) turned a corner on manufacturing, China's manufacturing PMI remains ...

Fireside Charts: Another Yield Curve Inversion, More Coronavirus Fallout, and an Update on Manufacturing

January 29, 2020
Much was made of 2019's yield curve inversions and the signal's penchant for predicting recessions, but a relatively strong Q3 ...