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Fireside Charts: Small vs. Large Caps, Energy Prices Surge, and Manufacturing Sees Worst Activity in a Decade

By:BCM Investment Team | Date:Jan06, 2020 | Category: Equity, Economics, Market Highlights, Fireside Charts

The S&P 500 hit another all-time high on Thursday and while the S&P 600 has risen over 460% since its financial-crisis lows, it—like many other markets—has yet to recapture its summer '18 magic and continues to trade below previous peaks. In comparison, its large-cap counterpart—the S&P 500—has continued setting records into 2020, leaving many wondering... could it be overheated? Mounting tensions in the Middle East could have something to say about the matter; brent crude futures shot past $70/bbl following Friday's killing of an Iranian commander and energy price volatility can quickly metastasize to other sectors. The question is whether the impact will be short-lived like other recent headline events or if we're in for a longer haul. Meanwhile, our manufacturing woes continue. ISM PMI came in at its worst levels in ten years, and manufacturing activity is down across the board year-over-year. Chinese officials are set to arrive on January 13 to sign the phase one trade deal, and their plane can't arrive soon enough!



1. While the S&P 500 continues it's historic run, many markets, including U.S. Small Cap, have not returned to their 2018 highs...


S&P 600 2011-2020

Source: The Chart Store, as of 1/3/20



2. Trading at 19x 2020 estimated earnings, has the market gotten ahead of itself?


S&P 500

Source: The Chart Store, as of 1/3/20



3. The question is will the current situation be transient like the last attack on the Saudi oil facilities or will this escalate into a shooting war?


Brent oil prices

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, from 1/6/20



4. The trade truce cannot get here fast enough and needs to be meaningful. Readings below 50 indicate contraction.


PMI december 2019

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, from 1/6/20



5. To put this into perspective, U.S. manufacturing has not contracted like this since the Great Recession...


ISM manufacturing pmi december 2019

Source: WSJ Daily Shot, from 1/6/20



6. The dollar looks tired. Any sustained weakness will help give a bid to commodities and International markets...


USD January 2020

Source: The Chart Store, as of 1/3/20



7. Our thoughts and prayers are down under...


Australian major wildfires

Source: Statista, from 1/2/20







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