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Fireside Charts: VIX Hits Record High, Easing Accelerates, and the Oil Price War Continues

March 18, 2020
Market swings are still coming at a breakneck pace as investor fear drives the VIX to record highs. Markets were slightly higher ...

Technology Sector in the “Work from Home” Economy

March 17, 2020
Although none of our investment systems directly incorporate fundamental data, we enjoy contemplating the fundamental narratives reflected in the price trends our systems ultimately find attractive. Our systems are currently quite leery of equity or other risk assets, as we now sit firmly in a bear market induced by the widespread economic halt caused by COVID-19. However, our Decathlon system continues to favor technology-sector equities more than its other investment opportunities. In addition, our Weekly Sector Rotation strategies have held on to the ...

Fireside Charts: Lions and Tigers and... You Know the Rest

March 13, 2020
And the hits just keep on coming... The Dow saw its worst single-day loss since the 1987 rash yesterday, the circuit breaker kicked in ...

Fireside Charts: Volatility Surges (Again), the Oil Price War, and Recession Indicators Are on the Rise

March 11, 2020
While we've seen some recovery since Monday's massive day-long rout, it's been anything but smooth sailing in the markets this ...

Fireside Charts: 30-Year Fixed Rate Lowest on Record, Energy Market in Flux, Shenzhen Index Recoups Losses

March 6, 2020
This week's emergency interest rate cut brought mortgage rates even lower—the average 30-year fixed rate dropped to 3.29%, its lowest ...

Recent Repo Market Fiasco and Intervention

March 3, 2020
Recently a reader asked us to explain “the recent Repo Market Fiasco and the Fed’s intervention,” as well as the consequences and outcomes. For those of you who regularly read our blog, we first included a chart on this subject on September 23, 2019.  The answer is fairly technical, but let’s focus on some charts to show the enormity of the issue first.

Fireside Charts: More Record Lows, Central Bank Intervention, and is the Market Oversold?

March 2, 2020
After a straight week of market losses, there were some signs of stabilization this morning—the question is whether it will last ...