The Max Drawdown: Too Quiet?

Given the S&P 500’s relatively smooth trajectory upwards since the start the year, we thought it would be useful to do some investigating into how common this market movement is.

A TIPS Refresher

For those that need a refresher, here is a recent article from Financial Advisor magazine that helps describe Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).  

There Was a Bear!

Recently, our team at BCM has noticed an increasing sentiment that a bear market is nearing. We thought it would be useful to share some information compiled by Raymond James’s Andrew Adams. He...

Buy in May and it will pay? EPS Growth

An interesting chart was presented to us recently by Morgan Stanley, which depicts how the last twelve months of earnings per share (EPS) growth has historically moved in line with Morgan...

Some Things To Remember When Buying A (First) Home

You are about to make the largest purchase of your life. Protect yourself! Here is a list of items to keep in mind before buying a house.

International Equities: Is it Time?

Russia invades Crimea. China builds island bases in the South China Sea. North Korea launches ICBMs and tests its first nuclear weapons. Grexit. Brexit. South Korean Presidential corruption and...

Bullish on the World!

Fidelity recently provided a great chart that we thought would be useful for investors. As can be seen below, we are now in one of the longest periods of domestic equity outperformance relative to...

Tactical Management and How It Differs from from Active


Active vs. Passive Management

Active management can be thought of as any strategy that uses human discretion to decide what the portfolio should own. The manager(s) generally employs some...

Is It Fair To Expect Growth Rates of the Past?

Lease vs. Buying: What Every Car Dealer Doesn't Want You to Know

Let’s face it, buying a car is usually one of the most strenuous and, dare I say it, unpleasant experiences. When you are approached by the salesperson the conversation is typically steered...